Fà e Rifà: a setup that becomes a game

ilVespaio designed an interlocking game for Comieco, reusing cardboard setups from the Salone della CSR e dell’Innovazione Sociale.

Fà e Rifà, a creative reuse of materials

Fà e Rifà is a large interlocking game for children, created by ilVespaio for Comieco (National Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Cellulose-based Packaging), using the materials from the Salone della CSR e dell’Innovazione Sociale. Out of the materials used, about 95% were 29 cardboard panels, transformed into 290 interlocking modules with irregular and biomorphic shapes. These modules enable the creation of characters, animals, and collective constructions, fostering creativity and engaging children of all ages and abilities. It’s an inclusive game that raises awareness about waste reduction using recycled materials.

The origin of the material: A responsible setup

The materials used in the game come directly from cardboard setups of the eleventh edition of the Salone della CSR e dell’Innovazione Sociale. This event highlights some practices in corporate social responsibility and sustainable innovation. ilVespaio analyzed the setup collected at the end of the event, aiming to design a plan that minimizes waste from cardboard modules. The modules were then cut with a plotter to achieve various easily disassemblable shapes.

An interlocking of creativity and sustainability

The launch of “Fà e Rifà” took place at the Triennale di Milano on March 16 and 17, a free event dedicated to a families. These days introduced the public to the game and highlighted the importance of collaboration between companies and organizations in promoting more sustainable practices. Comieco and ilVespaio will continue to use the game in workshops and educational activities with schools, demonstrating how fun and commitment to the environment can go hand in hand.

Photos by Marco del Comune

Battery collectors made with recycled plastic

ilVespaio has partnered with Cosnova Italia, a well-known cosmetics brand, to develop battery collectors made with recycled plastic.

Recycling transparent polystyrene (PS) used in display stands

The collaboration focused on the recycling of transparent polystyrene (PS) used in the display stands for Cosnova’s Essence and Catrice cosmetic lines. The design team at ilVespaio repurposed these plastic inserts, transforming them into two functional and aesthetically pleasing battery collectors. These collectors have now been installed at the Cosnova Italia headquarters, symbolizing the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Through the use of Precious Plastic’s machines, the transparent PS was combined with red polyethylene from discarded caps. This created an intriguing translucent material speckled with color. The design of the collectors echoes the compact shape of Catrice nail polishes, featuring a sleek black cap with a practical small door for easy battery insertion.

This eco-conscious initiative successfully recycled approximately 4 kg of plastic, consequently preventing the emission of around 6 kg of CO2. Beyond their practical use, these battery collectors serve an educational purpose. It enhances public awareness of the importance of recycling and promoting the principles of a circular economy. Through such innovative projects, Cosnova Italia and ilVespaio are contributing to environmental preservation and paving the way for other companies to embrace sustainable practices. This is proof that creative and sustainable solutions to waste management exist within the cosmetic industry.

Battery collectors from recycled plastic

The Secret Six – the secrets of plastic.

Learn all the secrets of plastic. ilVespaio designed a serie of videos and educational worksheets for the primary schools for Corepla, as part of Riciclala!

A serie of five playful animated videos give more information about plastic: The Secret Six, a family of secret agents made of plastic, show children all the secrets of plastic, the features of different types of plastic, the problems caused by wrong disposal, the opportunities of recycling and circular economy.

The comprehension of all these contents is enhanced by ludic worksheets; teachers can download and print these material in order to do other creative activities in classroom.

All these pedagogical tools are designed to stimulate children creativity at home or in class following Covid-19 and physical distancing measures. The Secret Six is part of part of Riciclala!,  school kit for primary schools.

The Secret Six - scopri i segreti della plastica