ilVespaio. Sustainable ideas.

ilVespaio is a network of free-lance designers with a focus on ecodesign and sustainability.

A team of creatives, researchers and educators promotes awareness on social and environmental issues, organizing workshops, events, contests and educational exhibitions with companies, local authorities, schools and families.

ilVespaio designs promotional products using recycled materials or reusing production scrap.

Why ilVespaio?

IlVespaio was founded by the graphic designer Stefano Castiglioni and the product designer Alessandro Garlandini in 2008, based on the idea of designing and producing promotional merchandise made of re-used production scraps and other materials. A circular promotional item unique and customized.

We called ourselves ilVespaio, the Italian word for wasp nest, because we were looking for a name from the natural world recalling dynamism and creative chaos. Wasps are usually considered useless, annoying insects. However, they are very important for the ecosystem and for impollination. Moreover, unlike bees, they proudly refuse to be tamed and don’t like to work for humans. They use attics to create their nests, instead!

ilVespaio – ecodesign and sustainability projects

We strongly believe that citizens play a crucial role in the transition towards circular economy and that we need to focus on education especially of children and new generations.

We have developed projects to raise awareness on environmental issues and to promote conscious behaviours. Every medium is strategic to convey messages that are important to us: exhibitions, outdoor events, workshops and laboratories, digital projects, educational videos, installations, promotional products, toys and even murals with photocatalytic paints. Besides, every place is good to enhance awareness: web and social networks, museums, airports, hospitals, universities, schools, fairs, even food festivals.

ilVespaio – design e recycled plastic

ilVespaio has been focussing on plastic recycling recently. We joined the Precious Plastic community and we built two machines to recycle plastic; we can shred plastic packagings and transform them in recycled objects by injection.

In a few words, we are trying to do our best to leave a better world to future generations.

Our network:

Alessandro Garlandini – designer and founder
Sebastiano Ercoli – designer
Stefano Castiglioni –  graphic designer and founder
Clara Giardina – designer
Luca Orioli – videomaker
Alberto Crespi – educator

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