ilVespaio and recycled plastic

We have built two plastic recycling machines to produce smalll objects made of recycled plastic. A shredder cuts plastic items into small flakes and an injection machine heats plastic flakes and injects them into a mould. We have built these two machines in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano following Precious Plastic blueprints. Precious Plastic is a global community which aims to create an alternative global plastic recycling system.

We designed moulds to produce small endagered animals from recycled plastic: turtles and polar bears. The moulds have been 3D printed in resin by The Fablab. This is only the beginning. We are designing recycled plastic joints to create modular temporary installations from PVC pipes.

Moreover, we are organizing educational projects for schools aimed at explaining what plastic is and how it can be recycled. CHildren can bring their plastic waste from home, shred it and create new recycled products. They can even learn recycling tips thanks to Riciclala!, an educational tool designed for Corepla and see industrial recycled products, such as shoes, clothes, chairs and toys.

ilVespaio has displayed the machines during Udine Design Week.

Photos Marco Del Comune