ilVespaio with adidas and Politecnico

ilVespaio with adidas and Politecnico di Milano created the recycled plastic medals for the adidas Runners PolimiRun Spring 2022. Activities on plastic recycling were organized on that occasion.

Adidas Runners PolimiRun Spring 2022

Adidas Runners PolimiRun is the running race organized by Politecnico di Milano. Each kilometer was run by participants in order to recover plastic waste from oceans, according to adidas’ project Run for the Oceans.
ilVespaio collaborated with adidas, adidas Runners and PolimiSport to reduce the environmental impact of the event. On the run day ilVespaio were at Bovisa’s Arrival Village with our Precious Plastic machines.
Athletes who handed over caps received complimentary Run for the Oceans medals produced on the spot. The winners of both the competitive and non-competitive runs gained special recycled plastic medals created by ilVespaio.
ilVespaio also made a huge circular setting-up using recycled plastic Taca Lì joints and second-hand electrical pipes. Moreover, we reused old advertisement banners from the race previous editions.
On the days before the run ilVespaio and adidad held a number of activities on plastic recycling at Piazza Leonardo, just outside Milan’s Politecnico.

Run for the Oceans 2022

ilVespaio also embraced the challenge of Run for the Oceans 2022, an initiative promoted by adidas and Parley. For every 10 minutes of running recorded via the adidas Runtastic app, Parley will clean up the equivalent weight of one plastic bottle from beaches, remote islands, and coastlines before it reaches the ocean. ilVespaio held a workshop on plastic recycling for the runners of the community ‘adidas Runners Milano’. The event was held together with WAU!Milano at Circool.

Besides, on June 4 th and 5 th we took our plastic recycling machines and a Taca Lì setting to Milan’s Darsena. Adidas’ huge whale in the Darsena waters kept us company throughout the event.

In total ilVespaio with adidas and Politecnico produced around 850 Run for the Oceans medals and 20 PolimiRun medals. We recycled about 5,340 caps avoiding 8kg CO2 emissions. For the production of 550 Taca Lì used in the settings we recycled about 22,000 caps avoiding around 33 kg CO2 emissions.

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