Play & Circle – installation about circular economy

Play&Circle is a playful installation about circular economy designed by ilVespaio. It’s a loop marble run, made of cardboard, showing the lifecycle of a t-shirt, a pack of spaghetti or any other product. Players have to move bottle caps along the track, overcoming obstacles and answering quiz to understand the environmental impact and the waste of resources of their choices. During the game, players will consume water, remove trees from the game board and produce waste and they will understand the carbon an water footprint of a product and of their daily habits. Play&Circle has been displayed for the first time at Salone della CSR and it’s perfect for educational paths with schools and event with children or adults.


Riciclala is a school kit for primary schools about plastic collection and recycling, designed by ilVespaio for Corepla – National Consortium for the Collection and Recycling of Plastic Packages. Riciclala! explains the history of plastic, its features, recycling and reusing to children, stimulating them through play activities to adopt various forms of virtuous behavior. It is an analog and digital educational tool which includes a pack of cards any school can request for free, in addition to online videos and downloadable educational sheets.

As psychologists Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky pointed out, the development of intelligence in children is strongly linked to play activities. Consistent with their theories, Riciclala! gives children opportunities to play, discover, experience, create, interact and learn.

Riciclala! includes a pack of 32 colourful cards with which kids can play several games to understand plastic sorting rules and the importance of recycling. The first game is for children aged from 5 to 7. It explains what packaging is and how it differs from other objects. The second game, for children from 8 to 11, shows how different types of plastic can be collected and recycled and what kind of objects can be produced through the recycling process.

Riciclala! also contains two punched cards with the silhouettes of comic characters which can be obtained reusing plastic bottle caps. It’s a simple game for smaller children which teaches how to reuse plastic waste instead of throwing it away

Riciclala is a school kit for primary schools about plastic designed by Stefano Castiglioni, Sebastiano Ercoli, Alessandro Garlandini e Clara Giardina.

ilVespaio and Tetra Pak

Promotional products made of pre-consumer discarded material provided by Tetra Pak Italia. Every object is made of one sheet of milk carton. The user can easily fold the sheet without tools or glue. The aim of the project is the reuse of discarded Tetra Brik Aseptic from the test and assembly factory in Modena.