The Secret Six – the secrets of plastic.

Learn all the secrets of plastic. ilVespaio designed a serie of videos and educational worksheets for the primary schools for Corepla, as part of Riciclala!

A serie of five playful animated videos give more information about plastic: The Secret Six, a family of secret agents made of plastic, show children all the secrets of plastic, the features of different types of plastic, the problems caused by wrong disposal, the opportunities of recycling and circular economy.

The comprehension of all these contents is enhanced by ludic worksheets; teachers can download and print these material in order to do other creative activities in classroom.

All these pedagogical tools are designed to stimulate children creativity at home or in class following Covid-19 and physical distancing measures. The Secret Six is part of part of Riciclala!,  school kit for primary schools.

The Secret Six - scopri i segreti della plastica