NoLo Ricicla

Nolo Ricicla – Waste becomes furniture for the neighbourhood

Nolo Ricicla is a system of plastic packaging recovery, production and distribution of recycled plastic objects at a local level at NoLo, North of Loreto, Milan. The project involves several NoLo associations, like Viale Monza’s Market Hall and the community cultural and social hub at the former Convitto Trotter boarding school. These institutions become centres for the collection of fruit crates, bottle caps and packaging. IlVespaio turns plastic into set-ups, furniture and objects thanks to the machines of Precious Plastic. It also provides schools with educational paths at the local Market Hall.

NoLo Ricicla is a project by ilVespaio ETS. It has won the public call ‘ Neighbourhood School’ special edition REACT-EU MI7.1.1.c of Comune di Milano, financed by the European Structural and Investment Funds, within the EU response of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The net of NoLo Ricicla

NoLo Ricicla is a system of plastic packaging recovery and production of recycled plastic set-ups and furniture at a local level. For this purpose, the project has involved the commercial and social activities of 54 Viale Monza’s Market Hall and of the community cultural and social hub at the Parco Trotter’s former Boarding School. It has created a virtuous circle of collection of polypropylene fruit boxes and polyethylene packaging and promoted synergies among the following stakeholders:

  • Off Campus Nolo, Politecnico of Milan
  • MEMO54, the operators’ association of Viale Monza 54 Market Hall
  • B-CAM Social Cooperative
  • COMIN Social Solidarity Cooperative
  • La Fabbrica di Olinda T12 Lab.

The recycling process

ilVespaio ETS recovers, cleans, selects and recycles packaging thanks to Precious Plastic machines: a shredder, an injector and a sheetpress. ilVespaio ETS also produces a number plastic recycled objects for the local neighbourhood, like the Taca Lì joint that connects pipes to make temporary set-ups at the Market Hall and at the Tunnel Boulevard. Thus, ilVespaio manages to make schools and market halls aware of topics like recycling, reduction of food waste and feeding.

Besides, the designers of ilVespaio create furniture items like chairs, tables and benches. These furniture items will help ameliorate the spaces of the Market Hall and of the former Convitto Trotter boarding school.

NoLo Riclicla for schools

Besides recycling plastic, an educational project will start at the Market Hall for two of the local junior high schools, I.C.S. Ciresola and I.C.S. Giacosa. Pupils of the participating grades will go to the Market Hall to see the local produce and fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables. They will also recycle plastic with the Precious Plastic machines and play with an interactive installation called ‘Kids Against Waste’ about food waste. At the end of the activity each child will receive a RiAmbrogino, a recycled plastic medal ilVespaio ETS will offer all environment friends.

For more information see the NoLo Riclicla site at this link

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